January 30, 2014

30 Inches of Snow Coming and No Early Warning?

Not the Imagine of a Current Storm

Is the Northeast about to get slammed with 30+ inches of snow, and no reports have been published yet?

January 30, 2014
Andrew Pontbriand

Today I received a news tip from a friend. This wasn't the usual type of news tip I receive, which I usually overlook if I cannot quickly find some sort of substance to help substantiate a claim from a complete stranger. However, with the reports on this "strange snow," and the error made in Weather reporting surrounding Atlanta, Georgia that crippled the city, I feel I have to at least give this a thought (and, this time it was a friend, not a stranger).

Earlier today, a friend I will refer to only as Eric, sent me a message saying, "end of next week 30 plus inches of snow." "They are holding it back like most big storms so prices can be controlled."

To be clear here, this as sent to me by a close friend who knows I am interested in these types of stories, and I am NOT claiming the Northeast (as he was referring to) is DEFINITELY getting 30+ inches of snow.

Furthermore he stated that he was sent this information by "someone" he is friends with at a News Station in New Jersey. When I asked him why he was sent the information he simply stated, "they know I have kids and wanted to be prepared."

Now, just to be clear here, if the Northeastern part of the country does get slammed by such a massive storm, that does not mean all weather is controlled. It does not mean that every weather station is in on a banker conspiracy to control prices. However, I would go so far as to say that with certain storms, or blizzards; it is possible that they may hold the news back a day or two to be able to manipulate prices and even society.

This is just a warning that I received from a friend who has a credible source. If this does not happen, then it does not happen. If it does, it does. Maybe the result (if it does happen) will just create more questions in the realm of weather modification, and news suppression. All in all this is just a warning, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

I live in Massachusetts, and as of right now Weather.com is not reporting any such threats. However, Winter Storm Maximum is developing on the west coast.

[Please note, I usually do not report these sort of claims. I will not take responsibility if snow does not come, and I will not claim to be the 'source of information' if it does come. This was a news tip I am reporting on. Not a cover-up.(Although, I will say cover-ups like this occur)]

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