January 27, 2014

Is the 2014 Super Bowl the Next False Flag?

Hype or hoax? Are $4 million commercials more believable?

January 27, 2014
Jennifer Dust

False flags. The term brings up too many recent events: the Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, 9/11, etc. It appears that events these days is an easy target for something bad to happen. So, why not the Super Bowl? Logical choice, you'd have most of America tuned in to watch a horrific event happen right before their eyes. It would be a cinch, the masses are already distracted and consumed in whatever a Duck (personally, I don't know how to refer to that group as), Justin Bieber, Kardashian klan or their favorite legalized-pot state football team is doing.

I don't turn to Before It's News website to keep up on the latest stuff happening, but this article was brought to my attention over the weekend. The website received a letter from an anonymous source who claims that they have worked on the construction of the MetLife Stadium (side note, it really irks me how today's stadiums are all named after some mega-corporation). It states that there have been plans laid out to produce a "well-planned false flag", and that this has been in the works for six years. Now, who's to say if this is really legit or some hoax to get people riled up.

So, this made me do some searching on a Saturday night, as well as chit chatting with a few people on Facebook regarding the article (hey, don't judge, it was a horribly cold weekend!), and I suppose it depends how far into it all you want to get. I ran into a few other stories of people having visions and dreams about an impending attack at the Super Bowl. And I'm not going to start doubting what one claims to have seen or envisioned, whatever the source may be. I also heard some pretty good compelling evidence surrounding locations, all the craziness found in Denver and even the symbolism of the date itself. I'll spare the details for all the critics, it may be a far stretch, but anything is possible these days.

Any way you choose to look at it, it appears and feels that we're due for another event of sorts. Who wants to make bets on the Winter Olympics?

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