January 31, 2014

Super Bowl Security Ready to Take On Anything

An event of national significance

January 31, 2014

Jennifer Dust

Whoo hoo!! SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! GO LIONS!! Oh... wait... wrong team?

Well, as long as there's a party, let's go tailgating.. it's all good! What?! No tailgating allowed?!

Weather should be good, at least..... huh? Wait.. Who ordered the cold and snow?

Okay, okay... I am not a sports fan, to say the least, but the hype around this year's Super Bowl has steered my attention into a different direction. Since my last article, I've looked a little bit further into what else has been reported.

Along with no tailgating allowed, security has been stepped up to the 10th degree and beyond. It ceases to amaze me when I hear of all the Gestapo, I mean, Police, are preparing for a full out war. According to Reuters, security officials are using recent bomb attacks in Russia's mass transit sites as a reason for the vamped up security concerns for this Sunday's BIG event.

Law enforcement officials say they are not aware of any specific threats for the Super Bowl. So, instead they have limited parking at MetLife Stadium and expect about 30,000 people to arrive by bus or rail. Not to fear! Those welding $1,600 Super Bowl tickets and taking mass transportation will have to go through security screenings at the train stations.

For the 80,000 fans that will be able to see the big kick-off in person, some 4,000 security officers will be hanging around, prohibiting fans from bringing in any sort of bags into the stadium. Oh.. but you can bring in a bag if it meets their criteria.. transparent bags, no larger than 12"x6"x12". And ladies, your purse is limited to a mere 4"x6"bag. Yay!! PARTY ON!!

Eager fans will be able to enter the stadium gates at 2pm on Sunday. Giving them enough time to pass through security which will include metal detectors and pat-downs. Fun times!!

And what about Big Brother? Oh, they got you covered! Some 100 security agencies (not agents, AGENCIES) will be monitoring feeds from an undisclosed location near the stadium, 24 hours a day! Be sure to wave "hi" into all the cameras!

Oh, but that's not all! We'll have the Coast Guard floating around in the waterways. A no-fly zone will be put into place on Sunday. The first level of defense in the sky will be brought to you by unarmed Black Hawk helicopters with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Nearby F-16's based in Atlantic City will be ready should there be a hostile situation. Homeland Security officials said federal agencies, including the FBI, will deploy hundreds of employees to assist New Jersey and New York police what's been officially designated "an event of national significance."

But what about the famed commercials?? Gotta have something to talk about on Monday! Here are a few tidbits.. there will be 43 advertisers in this year's televised Super Bowl. The commercials will total about 32 minutes of air time. Some companies dished out $4.5 million for 30 seconds.. I can figure a few better ways to spend that much money.

Stay safe America.

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