February 6, 2014

AREA 51: Synthetic Snow Being Dumped on Rachel, Nevada?

Over the past week, hundreds of YouTuber's uploaded videos of what they perceived to be "fake snow." Now, a man who was visiting area 51, caught a strange weather event on tape.

February 6, 2014
Andrew Pontbriand

More fake snow? Is it sublimation, graupel, or is it SAP (Superabsorbent Polymers). Last week, I posted an article that asked the question if what people we're reporting was real snow, or some kind of weather modifications test. I received hundreds of e-mails showing videos and pictures, until I finally posted in the article the best explanation I could see. Which was sublimation.

However, a new video has been posted on YouTube by DarkSkyWatcher74, which shows some really odd snow/sleet/ice falling in all places, Rachel Nevada.

Check it out for yourself.

Andrew Pontbriand is an Activist, Researcher, Contributor at Activist Post, and Writer/Editor of  The Resistance JournalsLike his Facebook Page here, and follow him on Twitter - @ResistJourn25

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