February 3, 2014

Did Matthew Mills Overshadow The Entire Superbowl?

Matthew Mills, a member of We Are Change, was able to sneak his way through security at the Super Bowl, and was able to speak 9/11 Truth to well -- The whole world.

February 3, 2014
Andrew Pontbriand

Matthew Mills, is a 30 year old independent journalist for We Are change, and hails from Brooklyn, New York. Last night during the Super Bowl Press Conference with Malcom Smith, he dropped the biggest 'Truth Bomb' in history; while millions of viewers on ESPN heard him say - "investigate 9/11, the attacks we're perpetrated by members of our own government."

Mills, was able to sneak into the Super Bowl with a phony press pass from a festival he has attended in the past. This puts into your mind the question, just how safe can any event really be?

According to last years numbers, over 108 million people tuned into the Super Bowl. Although those numbers are pretty average, my guess would be the numbers for this year we're relative to last. Assuming about 50% of the viewers did not watch ESPN's Press Conference coverage, let's say the other 50% did. This would mean approximately 50 Million or so viewers heard Matthew's message to the world.
The Resistance Journals

If this is accurate, Matthew was able to pull off one of the most brazen and historic trolls in the history of independent media. Since the establishment does not uphold the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, it is up to people like Matthew to put their own lives at risk, to spread truth to the world; especially when it is something like 9/11.

The Video:

The Resistance Journals Thanks Matthew MillsAs a small independent organization here at The Resistance Journals, I want to personally thank Matthew Mills for his brazen act, and also thank him for doing what the Media SHOULD be doing, and that is asking the real question, or more so just plain speaking the truth. Matthew was arrested for his actions, but even though I do not know him, I would bet that is perfectly fine with him. -- So Matthew, we thank you, and are grateful for your efforts. You effectively took America's biggest obsession, and overshadowed it with the biggest Truth Bomb, that hopefully got people to start thinking.

Andrew Pontbriand is an Activist, Researcher, Contributor at Activist Post, and Writer/Editor of  The Resistance JournalsLike his Facebook Page here, and follow him on Twitter - @ResistJourn25

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