May 25, 2015

[VIDEO] Memorial Day: Celebrating The American Empire


Andrew Pontbriand

May 23, 2015


Memorial Day.

The smell of bar-b-q fills the warm, crisp, weekend morning air. American flags dance lightly in the cool breeze of the average American home. Parades fill the streets as "patriotic" Americans celebrate heroes of old, and new. Are we celebrating those who fought for liberty, peace, and freedom, or is it something else?
Let's put this into perspective. The truth is, if that is how you are spending your Memorial Day weekend, you are actually celebrating an empire that has conquored, raped, and pillaged, all for the international criminal banking elite. America is a war torn country. In fact, there is no other country on the planet that can even come close to the heavyweight champion status of the United States. 

Since 1776, the year America was founded, we have been at war for a total of 214 years - or a staggering 93% of our existence.
Click here to view the video. 

Country of peace? No president has ever held the title as "peacetime" president, because every president since George Washington has had a hand in a war or conflict. Is this for freedom and liberty? Ask yourself, has any country truly ever invaded our shores, or directly posed an immediate threat to the public safety in the past 100 years? The last country to fight a war on American soil, was America. Of course, the banker owned media will have you believe terrorism is the enemy and we must be at war with this phantom enemy perpetually to protect our precious way of life. In reality though, the only service our service men and women are partaking in, is protecting the foreign interests of the international banks and the mega corporations who have no loyalty to one country. The next time you hear someone talk about Memorial Day as a day we remember our fallen heroes, just remind them that our loved ones have been duped, and used to fight wars of aggression for monetary interests of conglomerates that care not about the average American, much less an American soldier. Memorial Day is simply a day we celebrate an Empire. An Empire, who's days are numbered. 

Click here to view the video.

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