December 5, 2016

The War to End All Wars

Andrew Pontbriand
Throughout history Nations and Empires in particular, demonstrate recurring patterns that are almost predictable at this time in history. One of these patterns or themes is that of war, or the threat of war at the very least, when an empire faces economic turmoil, or the world itself degenerates economically.
The United States has demonstrated this too be true already in the past, and it seems to be doing it again.
Although the never ending "War on Terror" has guns, planes, soldiers, deaths, an enemy, and a "purpose" like as war, it is unlike wars of the past. As previously stated, it isn't a war that is meant to be won, and the war itself has branched off into 6 or 7 other proxy wars in the region of the world the war is most fought in. Even with the trillions spent, the thousands of American lives lost, and the millions of middle eastern lives lost, this isn't a 3rd World War like they'd like. --- Think about the psychotic thought process behind that for a minute.
No, even though the war on Terror has leveled many countries in the middle east to the point of entire cities and provinces being extinguished or vacated, this is not the war the policy makers around the world truly want.
Maximum destruction. Maximum damage. The war to end all wars. This is the war they seek. This is the war they have spent half a century building towards.
With the worlds economy facing devastation from the many stimulation of economies, thus kicking the debt can down the road, the war drums are slowly beating louder and louder.
China is building massive man-made islands in contested waters in the South China Sea, while simultaneously conducting drills in said waters which causes reactions from both Japan, and the United States. This of course puts the Pacific Fleet of the united States on edge, and the US military responds by sending reconnaissance planes out to get Intel on these islands that are virtually exclusive for Chinese military use.
China has warned the United States about getting 'too close,' as I reported on weeks ago.
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