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Do you want to be a part of a growing network of user submitted and original content? Do you love the paranormal, UFO's Aliens, Monster, Conspiracies, and hidden Technology? DO you feel humans are not being told the whole truth about what goes on in the world?

User Submission
Our platform is interactive, and we encourage our viewers to submit pictures, videos, and first hand accounts of anything listed above! We have unlimited, off-the-web storage where your files, stories, videos, and images will always be secured and stored safely. We will never share anything you do not want us too, and we will never sell or give your information away!

Our goal is to thoroughly archive and create a resource center, as well as expose and show the world there is more to it than we have been led to believe. 

Writers and Curators

Do you want to be a full time, or part time writer or image/video curator for The Fringe Image? Well, now you can! Sure, we love our user submission and encourage it! We do hope to build a solid team of content creators, and journalists who are willing to keep an eye on current events, or research events in history to build news stories. Don't worry, each writer will be compensated for each article they write!

All you have to do to get involved is send us an e-mail at:

-Include your name
- In the Subject Box be sure to include: "Writer" if you want to be a regular writer, or "User Submission" if you have an image, video, or story you want the public to see!

We will reply in under 24 hours guaranteed, and if you mark it as important, due to sensitive or breaking news, we have a much better chance of seeing it and replying much faster!

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